Saving the Devils Is in the Details

Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease Can Be Eliminated with Interventions

  • Brian Drawert University of North Carolina Asheville
  • Andrew S. Flies
  • Sean Matthew
  • Megan Powell
  • Bryan Rumsey
Keywords: Tasmanian Devils, DFTD, Simulation, Conservation


Tasmanian Devils facial tumor disease (DFTD) is severely impacting the population of this wild animal. We developed a computational model of the population of Tasmanian Devils, and the change induced by DFTD. We use this model to test possible intervention strategies Tasmanian conservationists could do. We investigate bait drop vaccination programs, diseased animal removals programs, and evolution of natural immunity. We conclude that a combination of intervention strategies gives the most favorable outcome. An additional goal of this paper is reproducibility of our results. Our StochSS software platform features the ability to share and reproduce the computational notebooks that created all of the results in the paper. We endeavor that all readers should be able to reproduce our results with minimum effort.

How to Cite
Drawert, Brian, Andrew Flies, Sean Matthew, Megan Powell, and Bryan Rumsey. 2022. “Saving the Devils Is in the Details”. Letters in Biomathematics 9 (1), 121–140.

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