QUBES: a community focused on supporting teaching and learning in quantitative biology

Keywords: mathematics, biology, education, collaboration, professional development


This letter provides an overview of the Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis (QUBES) Project funded through the National Science Foundation. The project has five distinct, but interdependent, initiatives which work together to support faculty and students in the teaching and learning of quantitative biology (QB). QUBES has adopted an integrated strategy to improving the frequency and effectiveness of QB instruction that includes coordinating a broad consortium of professional stakeholders, supporting faculty development and the implementation of new teaching practices, providing an infrastructure for collaboration and access to high quality materials, establishing new metrics for faculty teaching scholarship and documenting the project outcomes.

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Donovan, Sam, EatonCarrie Diaz, GowerStith T., JenkinsKristin P., LaMarM. Drew, DorothyBelle Poli, Robert Sheehy, and WojdakJeremy M. 2015. “QUBES: A Community Focused on Supporting Teaching and Learning in Quantitative Biology”. Letters in Biomathematics 2 (1), 46-55. https://doi.org/10.30707/LiB2.1Donovan.