How to Utilize L. J. S. Allen's "An Introduction to Mathematical Biology" in a Biomathematics Course

  • Füsun Akman Illinois State University
Keywords: biomathematics course, textbook choice, modeling with difference equations, modeling with differential equations


This is a combined textbook review and course plan for a biomathematics modeling course that is taught at the author's home institution as a foundation course in the Biomathematics Master's Program. The pros and cons of using Linda J. S. Allen's, An Introduction to Mathematical Biology, for a one-semester course is discussed. Moreover, strategies for coping with some problems that may arise are proposed.

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Akman, Füsun. 2014. “How to Utilize L. J. S. Allen’s "An Introduction to Mathematical Biology" In a Biomathematics Course”. Letters in Biomathematics 1 (2), 127-37.